Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sinful Colors: Mint Apple

Hi guys and welcome to the first post on my blog!

Well, this is exciting.

Just a quick introduction about myself and this blog (I know this can be a bit boring but if you're not interested, just scroll down to the NOTD)

From the title of the blog, you may realise this blog will be about nails. Nails are something that I'm wuite passionate about, I love new collections, I love reading reviews and of course, I love putting on nail polish. I wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts and feelings about them with you guys as I love reading other blogs.

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on blog posts, I love to hear other people's opinions.

Also, I'm new to this so please bear with me!

Anyways, on to the post.

So Sinful Colors have recently arrived at Boots here in the UK. They're not available in my area but can be found in larger stores. When I came across them in Reading, I was so excited! I had heard so many great things about them from American youtubers that I couldn't wait to get my hands on a few. The colours I chose were a pale yellow (Unicorn), a bright pastel green (Pistache) and the one I'm currently wearing; Mint Apple.

Mint Apple is a gorgeous seafoam green colour with shimmer that is translated well on to the nails.
(I apologise for the state of my nails but they were all breaking and I got a bit too carried away with the nail cutter)

Also, the quality of the pictures isn't so great either, I'm using my iPhone camera which doesn't always pick up the colour in it's true form.

For £1.99, I think these nails polishes are a bargain! The application was decent. This was only two coats and it's opaque. Also, I'm not sure if the camera picked this up, but the shimmer was visible on the nails which I loved. It was quite a subtle shimmer but gave the polish more depth than if it was just a cream finish.

The only downside to these polishes is that I don't think they have such a wide collection. Well, there's not a lot of colours that I was drawn to. They're all quite fun but I prefer the colour range Barry M have.

I'd definitely recommend these polishes to anyone who's looking for a pop of colour on a budget.

nailsandetc xo